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Chris Jones Regeneration is a values based consultancy that cares about bringing long lasting benefits for communities across Wales, the United Kingdom and beyond.


People are key to the success of a place, so making a regeneration process human and people facing is key to building relationships, trust and succession. We are well versed in ensuring residents, local groups, businesses and other stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in local decision making. We can offer a wide range of techniques including facilitating face to face meetings and workshops – large and small, - to using on-line surveys and social media through to having a human chat over a cup of coffee. We also work with like minded associates who share our values.


As strong advocates of thinking and acting local in our daily lives, these values underpin how we approach a place in terms of its cultural, natural and social assets and use these in a way that is not detrimental to the environment. As a business we undertake environmental management reviews in terms of daily operations and think about how we design process and projects that use local knowledge and services.


We strive to leave a sustained legacy and not provide short fix solutions, but think about how people and places can lead to sustainable prosperity that opens up opportunities for local growth and cohesion within communities. Projects that respect a sense of place, inject hope and pride for a community and are memorable for visitors are key to our values.

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“As Welsh Regeneration Consultants we respect the responsibility that is given to us to help a place or community take a step forward. When we touch a place we strive to leave a legacy that helps people prosper.”

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