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Launching Top Tips for joined-up thinking on town centres

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There are so many issues and opportunities to understand, address and make more of in our town centres. Beware of the person who proffers that the single most important issue affecting our town centres is….!

In truth there are a range of issues and a range of roles that need to be joined-up in policy and practice to renew our town centres. We’ve given this a lot of thought. As the People and Places Partnership and Chris Jones Regeneration, we bring together over 40 years of experience working across full range of issues and literally hundreds of town centres. We’ve come-up with what we think are the top issues to tackle and have mined the depths of our knowledge and contacts to offer guidance and good practice. We are committed to sharing our thoughts through a weekly series off top tips this spring.

While the weekly town centre top tips will focus on individual issues, they will create a joined-up approach where different disciplines and solutions overlap.

We hope that these top tips will build up in to a useful resource. More than that though, we hope that they will be part of a conversation where individuals, community leaders and professionals share their thinking and experiences. We hope that they will contribute to an understanding of the need to consider the renewal of our town centres in the widest sense and where new opportunities will be born out of collective action through cross-cutting themes.

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By Chris Jones, Director, Chris Jones Regeneration Ltd and

Chris Wade, Director, the People & Places Partnership

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